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Code for Sustainable Homes
(Category 4, SUR1 and SUR2)

Code now withdrawn

As part of its review of housing standards published in March 2015, the government announced that the Code for Sustainable Development in England would be discontinued. The Code will still be relevant, however, where existing planning permissions have conditions which refer to the Code.

The Code for Sustainable Homes was made mandatory for all new residential properties in England from May 2008 and was introduced in stages in Wales, becoming mandatory from October 2010. Category 4 of the Code aims to encourage the use of SUDS techniques for the surface water drainage of all new homes.


Sections SUR1 and SUR2 (Surface Water Run-off), very briefly, require that the peak flow and volume of run-off from the development be limited to existing, or other levels specified by the Code. It also requires that the proposed homes, together with other properties, are protected from flooding during extreme rainfall events and that the quality of the run-off also be considered. A Flood Risk Assessment (in England) or a Flood Consequence Assessment (in Wales) should also be included.

Appropriately Qualified Professional

Category 4 of the Code says that an 'appropriately qualified professional' should be engaged to produce 'robust hydraulic design calculations' and associated report. To fulfil this requirement, Morton-Roberts therefore use a Chartered Engineer with many years experience of drainage matters.


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