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Flood Risk Reports

Survey of Property with Flood Protection Installed

A Flood Risk Report (FRR) is prepared by an independent Chartered Engineer or Chartered Surveyor and summarises the findings of a survey and study of the effectiveness of flood protection measures installed at a property. A copy of the report can then be given to an insurer to allow them to assess the residual flood risk to the property and so give realistic quotations for contents and buildings insurance cover. Please note however that a particular insurance company is not obliged to take a FRR into account when assessing the terms and conditions for the insurance of a property.

Further information is given on the Environment Agency web site.

Standard Template

A FRR follows a standard format and this together with specimen reports are given on the Environment Agency web site. The report template was developed by, amongst others, the Environment Agency, the Association of British Insurers, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Law Society.

Our Reports

Our surveys, studies and the writing of the subsequent reports are carried out by a Chartered Engineer with many years experience of drainage matters. Although we use the standard report template, an individual report utilises information obtained during the preceding survey and study which are tailored to a particular property. Due to this we cannot give a standard price for a report but we will provide a free quotation on request for a specific property.

As part of the work it would be necessary for us to obtain copies of the available information regarding predicted flood levels, etc, from the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales. This is likely to set the timescale for the production of the report as a whole.

Our Area of Work

We carry out FRR's within the South Wales and Gloucestershire area.

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We also produce other types of report into flood risk and these are used in the planning process, see Flood Risk Assessments for use in England and Flood Consequence Assessments for use in Wales.


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