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Drainage Design to satisfy Building Regulations


We have capability in the design of below ground foul and surface water private drainage systems to satisfy Building Regulations. This covers residential, commercial and industrial sites and can include the drainage of houses, flats, schools and other buildings together with the associated access roads, hard standings, car parks etc. Draining these external works can involve the use of gully and linear channel drainage together with oil interceptors, etc. The use of SUDS techniques for the disposal of surface water flows is likely to be an important element of the work.

Approved Document H

The design work would be carried out to satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations and this might involve the use of 'Approved Document H', BS EN 752, BS EN 12056-2 or 'The SUDS Manual', C753, 2015 as appropriate. We can also design drainage in accordance with Sewers for Adoption.

Transfer of Private Sewers

It should be noted that from 1 October 2011 the responsibility for most existing private sewers (that is a 'drain' serving two or more properties) which connect to a public sewer was transferred to the relevant water company. It was originally proposed that all sewers subsequently constructed would be adopted by the water companies and would need to be designed and constructed to the standards set out in 'Sewers for Adoption'. This mandatory adoption has been implementation in Wales but is still pending in England.

The mandatory adoption of sewers means that in Wales only drains within the curtilage of a property fall within the remit of Building Regulations. Adoption agreements with the relevant water company have to be in place for new foul sewers and lateral drains before construction commences. Since the situation within England has not yet changed, new private sewers can still be designed and constructed to the requirements of the Building Regulations.

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