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Photograph - Sewer works, Leamington Spa

Sewerage Design

Detail design

Morton-Roberts has the capability to carry out all aspects of the detailed design of sewerage projects for water companies or their strategic partners. This includes CSO (combined sewer overflow), Section 101a (first time sewerage), sewer flooding and sewer requisition schemes.

Existing sewer systems

The design of drainage projects for water companies usually involves modifying an existing sewerage system. It is therefore very important to fully understand this existing infrastructure and to make the most of what is already there so that a solution is arrived at which meets the client's requirements and which is cost effective.

Balancing conflicting requirements

We aim to produce a 'good design' which balances the often conflicting requirements of hydraulic performance, 'buildability', construction cost and the need for low maintenance to produce an overall cost effective design. We are also mindful of the possibility of using SUDS techniques to alleviate problems where possible.

The design work would probably involve liaising with various interested external authorities, agencies and companies, as appropriate. It would also involve the procurement of surveys (topographical, manhole, and environmental, etc) as necessary.


Morton-Roberts has the capability to carry out detailed design work for most types of sewerage project, please contact us for further details.

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Photograph: Sewer Works, Dormer Place, Leamington Spa.