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  • 1D river modelling study, Ffrwd Wyllt watercourse, Bryn, Port Talbot
    Counters Creek flooding scheme
    Drainage for New Development
    Drainage Strategy Report and surface water (SUDS) design
    Expert Witness, flooding from highway drain
    Expert Witness report on flooding
    Flood Consequences Assessment
    Flooding Advice for Financial Services Company
    Flood Risk Assessment, Somerset
    Linked 1D − 2D river
    model, River Pelenna

    Off-site surface water sewer design for residential development, Herefordshire
    Surface water (SUDS) design for development, Monmouthshire
    Watercourse study for redevelopment site, Cwmbach

  • Sewerage Design
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)
  • Site control
    Source control

  • Topical Issues
  • Building over Sewers
    Flooding from Sewers
    Flood and Water Management Act, 2010 Transfer of Private Sewers

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