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Photograph - Modular storage unit soakaway Photograph - Grass swale draining road

Stormbloc modular storage units being installed for a replacement domestic soakaway.

Grass swale draining highway, Oakham By-pass, Rutland.

Micro Drainage Source Control Module

SUDS Design

XP Solutions' Micro Drainage Source Control Module allows us to quickly and efficiently design SUDS source control features including conventional soakaways, rainwater harvesting systems, attenuation tanks and ponds, infiltration trenches and basins, etc.

The software's 'cascade' facility also allows us to model the performance of a 'SUDS management train' serving a site as a whole. A 'SUDS management train' is where one type of SUDS feature drains in sequence into another and then into another. Different levels of treatment such as this are outlined in the SUDS Manual.

NPPF Planning Practice Guidance

Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) are an important part of the design of the infrastructure for new developments. The Planning Practice Guidance web site, which supports the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), states that priority should be given this type of surface water drainage. This will be applied through the planning system to sites of 10 or more houses and similar sized commercial or mixed developments by use of the 'Non-statutory technical standards for sustainable drainage systems'. This came into force in England in April 2015.

The NPPF is applicable in England, TAN15 is the document governing development and flood risk in Wales and also supports the use of SUDS.

'Industry Standard' software

Micro Drainage software is in many ways the 'industry standard' for the design of drainage to serve new developments. This means that producing calculations based around the software provides the approving authority, which might be the Environment Agency, the Land Drainage Authority or Building Control, with exactly what they expect. This in turn means that approval is likely to be gained quicker and with less difficulty.


Using the Source Control module means that our Clients gets a cost effective design delivered and approved quicker. Please contact us for further information including a free no obligation quotation.


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