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Micro Drainage System 1 Module

Micro Drainage software

We use XP Solution's Micro Drainage System 1 software to design both foul and surface water drainage systems to the requirements of 'Sewers for Adoption' or other design specifications as appropriate.

Foul and Surface water drainage design

The design of foul water drainage systems can be carried out using either the average water usage per head per day method (as required by Sewers for Adoption) or the discharge unit method. The latter is more appropriate for smaller developments where the largest pipe diameter is 150mm.

Surface water drainage systems are designed using the modified rational method of the Wallingford Procedure for the appropriate return period. We then use the Micro Drainage simulation module to check that the design operates satisfactorily for various conditions as set out in Sewers for Adoption.

As well as designing the drainage system, the software also allows the production of drainage schedules directly from the design data so saving time and also reducing the possibility of errors.

In conjunction with Simulation module

As well as being used in the design of drainage networks, System 1 is also used as a editor for the drainage system data for the Simulation module.


System 1 software helps us to produce drainage designs quickly, accurately and using less staff time than previously so that our client ultimately receives a more cost effective design.


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