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Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), Somerset

Development Site

Morton-Roberts produced a Flood Risk Assessment for a 3ha greenfield site close to the River Frome in Somerset which the Client wanted to develop for residential purposes. The study examined the risk of flooding from various sources including fluvial (river), surface water, ground water, sewers as well as due to infrastructure failure.

Assessment of the potential for SUDS

The study also investigated the SUDS techniques which would be appropriate at the site although the choice was restricted due to the predominant soil type, mudstone, which was unlikely to be suitable for infiltration methods. The report suggested that rainwater harvesting systems should be considered to attenuate the flow from individual roofs with permeable pavements (non-infiltrating type) to attenuate the run-off from drives, etc. The study also suggested an attenuation pond as a site control measure to limit the post development surface water run-off to the greenfield rate. The total volume of storage required was estimated at 1070m3.

Flood zone 1

The study concluded that the site was unlikely to be affected by river flooding for a 1 in 1,000 year return period flood and so was located within flood zone 1. The study also identified a low possibility of surface water flooding and recommended that this be considered again at the detail design stage.

Further information

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Photograph: The site.